Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada

#1 Low Cab Forward (LCF) Truck in North America Since 1986

History of Isuzu Trucks

A Heritage That's Second to None

In 1984, Isuzu trucks introduced U.S. business owners to a smarter way to work: Isuzu low cab forward trucks were maneuverable, offered a low cost of ownership, and delivered remarkable durability. After two short years, Isuzu trucks became the best-selling low-cab-forward trucks in America — a position held ever since.

While Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. was born in the United States, our roots go back to Japan where, in 1919, Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. initiated plans for automobile production.

Since 1984, over 500,000 Isuzu Trucks have been delivered in North America. The very first Isuzu truck arrived at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida on November 10, 1984. This was the KS22 truck with an 87 horsepower naturally aspirated, manual transmission and was not equipped with a tilt cab. With time-proven performance, the Isuzu N-Series trucks move into the future continuing the legacy.

2000 - 2015

2014: Isuzu truck's 30th anniversary in the U.S.

2013: Isuzu N-Series named "Medium-Duty Truck of the Year" by Work Truck magazine

2012: Isuzu Reach named "Medium-Duty Truck of the Year" by Work Truck magazine

2011: Introduction of the Reach — the revolutionary walk-in van powered by Isuzu; began production in Wakarusa, Indiana

2011: Isuzu N-Series Gas production begins in Charlotte, Michigan

2010: Isuzu N-Series — First medium-duty LCF trucks to be EPA 2010 and CARB HD-OBD compliant, and 50-state clean-idle certified

2005: 50,000th gasoline-powered N/W-Series truck assembled in Janesville, Wisconsin

2002: Cumulative U.S. sales of Isuzu trucks exceeds 275,000 units

1950 - 1999

1994: First American-built gasoline-powered NPR-EFI assembled in Janesville, Wisconsin

1986: R.L. Polk certifies Isuzu trucks as the best-selling import commercial truck in the United States — a position Isuzu trucks have held ever since

1984: Isuzu trucks enter the U.S. market with the KS22 truck

1959: First 2-ton light-duty low cab forward truck in the world — the predecessor of today's N-Series trucks

1955: Isuzu diesel engines and snow tractors are put into service at Japan's Antarctic Observation Base (and are still used today)

1900 - 1949

1936: First air-cooled diesel engine built in Japan by Isuzu Motors Limited

1919: First truck in Japan built by the predecessors of Isuzu Motors Limited